About Us
Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year! CIC has provided a quality international education since 1955 to local children and dependents of foreign nationals. We continue to do so by developing effective relationships and a sense of family among our diverse student, faculty, and parent communities. We are indeed fortunate to have a school community that is devoted to creating and maintaining a school environment focused on student achievement and preparing our students for success at the next level. Throughout the years, CIC has continually improved and enhanced its grounds and facilities, educational materials and programs, and school activities and events. This evolution has been necessary in order to meet the educational needs of our student body in this ever-changing world. While we change, we strive to maintain the traditions that have long been important elements of our institution and that contribute to ongoing excellence. This blend of history and innovation, as well as responsiveness to changing times, are key characteristics of our school. The 2023-2025 school year, once again, promises significant improvements to our facilities, educational programs, and daily best practices employed by our faculty and students. With the ongoing support of our parents, we continue to develop young men and women of character who are prepared to engage a very challenging world. On behalf of the Board of Director, faculty, and staff, I welcome families, students, and employees back to CIC for it's 68th year!

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