Vision, Mission and Values

To be a dynamic leader among international schools which cultivates and nurtures character, intellect, cultural diversity, and global citizens of tomorrow.

Driven by its deep-seated commitment to learning and teaching, Colegio Internacional de Carabobo provides students abundant opportunities to develop individual capacities and interests in the intellectual, social, cultural, and physical spheres. Through engagement in a rigorous college-preparatory academic program, balanced co-curricular activities, and ample leadership and service opportunities, our students develop into young men and women of character capable of thriving as dynamic and successful members of their local and world communities.

All members of the CIC community - students, faculty, staff, and families - commit to supporting and modeling the following Core Values: Acceptance of human and cultural diversity Respect for the abilities, qualities, and achievements of ourselves and others, as well as respect for the environment Responsibility by taking ownership for our own actions and decisions Commitment to life-long learning, to service, and to our duties Empathy toward others and their circumstances Integrity by doing things honestly and fairly, no matter the consequences Cooperation when working with others, constructively, to achieve a common goal Gratitude for the experiences that life gives us Courtesy in our interactions with everyone, every day

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