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CIC engages students in an international-based curriculum at all grade levels. Elementary students have a seven-period day, and secondary students schedule have four 85-minute blocks each day, with in a two-day 8-block rotating schedule. We recognize that students have different learning styles and learn at different rates. Our Student Support Services team provides services to students who require additional support.


Students have the opportunity to engage in a wide selection of co-curricular activity offerings, including homework clinic, reading workshops, various fine arts offerings, computer, and sports. To meet our goals of providing additional Venezuelan and Latin American curricular offerings, CIC has added additional courses in Venezuelan Social Studies and Latin American Studies.


All students in lower and upper levels take Spanish classes and engage in a curriculum for Venezuelan Social Studies. To address our desire of having a better balance between academics, fine arts, and sports, course offerings have been added in drama, music, and fine arts appreciation.


Our balanced co-curricular program provides an important dimension to our overall program outside of the regular school day. Activities are available to all students in levels 1 - 12. Activity offerings are clearly communicated to parents through a newsletter sent home and written parent permission is required for lower level students. There is a clearly defined set of guidelines for off-campus trips, and there is an eligibility policy for all upper level activities, including benchmarks for academic performance and modeling Core Values.



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