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Learning Support Program


Elementary School

CIC Elementary School takes the young students on an educational journey from Nursery to Fifth Grade. This extraordinary journey is full of growth and discovery: each step filled with the magic and miracle of learning.


The young students begin by entering a safe, supportive, and friendly learning environment that allows them many opportunities to learn. The educational staff is highly qualified and trained to guide and nurture the students along as they pass from grade level to grade level and encounter increasingly complex material.


Since many of our students do not speak English as their primary language, CIC has a strong English as a Second Language (ESL) Department that supports students in their learning and mastering of English.


In addition to the regular school day, there is a vibrant Co-curricular Activities Program in the Elementary School. Cooking, Computer Club, Cartooning, Arts and Crafts, Drama, Soccer/Basketball, and Elementary Choir are just a few of the over 20 different activities offered.


At CIC, each elementary school student receives the finest individualized instructional program possible to assist them in achieving their greatest academic potential and develop their own unique personalities.

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